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This essay is intended to act as a conduit to the expansion of your understanding of Bitcoin, perhaps even facilitating a journey down the proverbial rabbit hole. I believe that most of the value in writing this comes from compressing and collating the best information that is already out there in the Bitcoin ether, filtered through…

I was recently afforded the pleasure of engaging in lengthy email correspondence with Lyndon Purcell of Below is the transcript of that conversation. Enjoy.

Lyndon Purcell is the Manager of Educational Services and the Scientific Advisor to a leading health and fitness service provider. Lyndon’s academic background, at both the undergrad and masters level, has encouraged him to look for the variables that most effectively influence complex systems with minimal negative trade-offs — whether it be a biological system at the organismal level, or an entire team or organisms working together — all variables, and the outcomes they influence…

Just by way of framing.

I use the term ‘science’ to refer to the scientific method in its pure form — being a method of falsification through trial and error, grounded in the principle of epistemic humility and a quest for truth devoid of dogma. This framework enhances our knowledge about objective reality and progresses our technological development. Yet any tool or philosophy can be weaponized. The word “science” has, in recent times, increasingly been misused and misapplied by political leaders in an attempt to add credibility to their — often unscientific — agendas. …

This is a tribute to one of my literary heroes, Joan Didion. I could never eclipse her seminal essay “Self-Respect: Its Source, Its Power”. But I have sought to provide my own anecdotal perspective on this elusive trait, in what might hopefully be deemed a homage to Didion. I include some of her quotes from that piece.

Respect for oneself transcends the traditional constitution of a virtue in the eyes of society. The omnipotent, omniscient Self observes everything through the prism of one’s consciousness. It cannot be deceived by appearances, facades or comforting narratives. …

My aspiration is to map out a logical, rational and ethical basis for why I consider veganism to be an urgent and pressing issue in 2020, and why the emancipation of non-human animals more generally represents one of the great moral questions of our time. I see there being three predominant bases for why people ought to consider eliminating animal products from their diet:

1. Moral/Ethical

2. Environmental

3. Personal Health

I will deal with each of these in chronological order, moving from what I perceive to be the strongest argument to the least strong.

Anecdotal Context

In early 2016…

On 20 March 2020 I published an article titled ‘Making Sense of COVID-19’, which was an attempt to analyse and deconstruct the conditions which led to the outbreak of this global pandemic. It was described as a meta-analysis of some of the epistemic, psychological and political factors which unnecessarily exacerbated the spread of the virus. It was a reflection on immediately past events.

On 18 April 2020 I publish this in an attempt to analyse and deconstruct, in the present moment, how this pandemic has disproportionately impacted certain under-valued sectors of society and the existential implications of this disparity.


This article is dedicated to the heroic acts of ordinary citizens — including all medical professionals on the frontline; scientific and medical journals enhancing our knowledge of epidemiology; biopharmaceutical researchers; public intellectuals who actually understand risk and advocated pre-emptive precautionary measures; grocery store employees; community volunteers; cleaning staff; and every single person who is adhering to social distancing protocols and, in doing so, flattening the curve and saving lives.

Introductory Remarks

I write these words from the pseudo-cocoon of the eye of this pandemic storm. However, in the words of Dr Michael J. Ryan, Chief Executive Director of the World…

As we crossed Howrah bridge, I couldn’t tell whether my feeling of vertigo was due to the diarrhoea-induced dehydration, the violation of my eardrums from the incessant beeping car horns or the elderly quadriplegic man burning his gaze through me. We continued over the Hooghly River from the Kolkata side, towards the red-brick architecture of Howrah Station. The British were gone, but the legacy of the East Indian Railway Company remained through the colonial hubris emanating from this imposing structure.

The train brought us southwards, further inland. There was no respite from the dead summer heat. I had never seen…

Winner of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Biography/Autobiography

Is there a fate worse than the death of a loved one? By the end of Hisham Matar’s lyrical memoir ‘The Return: Fathers, Sons and the Land in Between’ — which chronicles the disappearance of his father Jaballa by Muammar Qaddafi’s tyrannical regime in Libya — the reader is left digesting a question which permeates the book. ‘The Return’ offers a harrowing yet beautiful insight into the purgatory this lack of certainty rendered in the heart and mind of the author. Matar observes that “when a father is neither dead nor alive…

Logical fallacies and cognitive biases are embedded into every facet of our daily lives, yet most of us are unaware of their pervasiveness or consequential effects. Equipping yourself with this knowledge can be empowering and a source of a ‘competitive edge’, both personally and professionally.

This is an original, introductory article I wrote on the topic — hopefully the first of many. Feel free to share this with any of your friends or work colleagues you think may be succumbing to these human blind-spots!


Adopting a rational and logical approach to thinking versus relying on one’s empirical and intuitive…

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